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Survivor: Leeward Islands Ep.2
“They’re just so mean to me.”
Previously on Survivor, Nine pairs of loved one arrived in French Polynesia and were shocked to discover that instead of competing with their loved ones, they would be competing against them.  On the Vava’u Tribe Hikaru, Trunks, Vaessa, and Roberta bonded quickly.  On the Uporu Tribe Hikaru’s twin Kaoru bonded just as quickly with Junior and Apple Bloom.  At the Immunity Challenge Junior and Heinz’s dismal challenge performance cost their tribe the win and sent them to Tribal Council.  Despite his strong connections to certain members of the tribe Junior was viewed at the weakest member of the tribe and was the first person voted out.  Who will be voted out next?
(Theme song)
We see a clip of Bisca using a slingshot during a challenge followed by a colored picture of her smiling.  We see a clip of Heinz attempting to drag a rock down a beach.  This is followed by a black and white pictu
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Survivor: Leeward Islands Ep.1
“It’s not like he’s some kind of evil mastermind or anything.”
We see Tracey Sketchit standing on a sandy beach.
“I’m standing here in the middle of the Leeward Islands,” said Tracey. “The western islands of French Polynesia.  Thousands of people have come here to enjoy themselves and take in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  However nine pairs of loved ones are here for something totally different, a once in a lifetime opportunity to play the game Survivor.”
The camera pans over to the ocean and we see three boats each boat has three pairs of loved ones.  The camera focuses on the first boat.
“The pairs are,” narrated Tracey. “Bulma and Trunks Briefs, Mother and Son from West City.”
Bulma:  I used to go on all kinds of adventures but lately all I get to do is stay home, and where’s the fun in that?  I really want to prove to my son that as much as he worries about me
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Survivor Greece DVD by author999 Survivor Greece DVD :iconauthor999:author999 1 4 Survivor Ryukyu Islands DVD by author999 Survivor Ryukyu Islands DVD :iconauthor999:author999 0 0 Surivor: Leeward Islands Cast by author999 Surivor: Leeward Islands Cast :iconauthor999:author999 1 6
Survivor Leeward Islands Intro
The scene opens on a young man sitting in a comfortable looking green armchair.
“Hello there and welcome to the cast reveal of Survivor: Leeward Islands,” said the man. “I am Tracey Sketchit and with me today are the winners of the last two seasons of Survivor.  Kagura, the winner of Survivor: Ryukyu Islands, and Charlie Brown, the winner of Survivor: Greece.”
The camera pans over to a green couch, sitting on the couch were the two winners.
“Hello,” said Kagura as Charlie Brown smiled and waved at the camera.
“What about us?” came an annoyed female voice from off camera.
“I was just getting to you,” said Tracey apologetically. “Also with us are two fan favorites from the past two seasons.  Lucy Van Pelt from Survivor: Greece and Peruru from Survivor: Ryukyu Islands.”
“Fan favorite might be a bit of a stretch,” said Charlie Brown.
“Shut up Charlie Brown,” said the annoyed voice agai
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Survivor Greece Edgic by author999 Survivor Greece Edgic :iconauthor999:author999 1 2 Survivor Greece TC by author999 Survivor Greece TC :iconauthor999:author999 1 3
Survivor: Greece Ep. 13 Part 2
Olympus Tribe Night 37:
The final three had already made it back to camp, Charlie Brown had headed towards the fire while Tucker and Heather were sitting down inside the cave.
“She totally didn’t see that coming,” said Heather excitedly. “I don’t know how she didn’t after she tried so hard to win the Immunity Challenge.”
Tucker nodded in agreement.
“Charlie Brown is very lucky to still be here,” said Tucker. “Did you ever expect him to be here?”
“Never,” said Heather bluntly. “He’s always been such a challenge liability, but at the merge that doesn’t really make you a threat so I guess I’m not shocked by it.”
Tucker:  Tonight went exactly how I wanted it to go, Lucy left and now it’s me, Heather, and Charlie Brown.  Tomorrow will be very easy, the only challenges Charlie Brown has ever really done well in are ones where he can work with people and he sure as hell
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Survivor: Greece Ep. 13 Part 1
“I’m either going to be the winner or I’m going to be the goat.”
Previously on Survivor, Thirty Six days ago sixteen castaways arrived in the Greek Islands to begin an adventure of a lifetime.  Now only four remain, Charlie Brown the unlikely finalist who was able to survive thanks to the friendships he was able to make but with his friends all gone can he make it to the end?  Heather, the dominant strategic force who has always been seen as a threat, she has been able to make to the finals thanks to her cunning and skills but will her overconfidence cost her in the end?  Lucy, the last Sparta standing, after a rough start Lucy was able to successfully flip back and forth between the two sides of the game always being a needed vote for other, but with the numbers so low will her vote be needed much longer?  Tucker, the hidden cutthroat, Heather’s number one alliance he was able to hide his own strategic mind behind her more obvious game
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Survivor: Greece Ep. 12
“Just sit there and look pretty”
Previously on Survivor, with Edward gone Charlie Brown and Mutsumi grew even closer vowing to get to the end together.  Lucy went on the warpath against Charlie Brown rubbing a few people the wrong way.  At the Reward Challenge Charlie Brown, Tucker, and Toki won time with their loved ones after Mutsumi performed halfheartedly causing Lucy to lose her temper even more.  At the Immunity Challenge Mutsumi narrowly edged out a win against Toki leaving Toki vulnerable for the first time in two rounds.  Before Tribal Council Toki made a plea to Charlie Brown and Mutsumi to vote out Lucy fearing that Heather had a possible Idol and she would not protect Lucy.  On the opposite side of the camp Heather and Tucker made plans to vote out Toki for being a challenge threat.  In the end Charlie Brown and Mutsumi sided with Heather and Tucker and Toki was voted out of the game.  Five are left, who will be voted out tonig
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Shadow's All Stars by author999 Shadow's All Stars :iconauthor999:author999 1 15 SFC3 Redo by author999 SFC3 Redo :iconauthor999:author999 0 64
Survivor: Greece Ep. 11
"I think I'll stick with my goats thank you"
Previously on Survivor, after Bart's elimination some normality returned to the Olympus Tribe when Edward and Charlie Brown found the missing chickens that Bart has released.  At the Reward Challenge things continued to look good for the alliance of Charlie Brown, Edward, and Mutsumi when Charlie Brown won and took them onto an overnight Reward.  Back at camp however the remaining Survivors Heather, Lucy, Toki, and Tucker made a shaky alliance to counter Charlie Brown, Edward, and Mutsumi.  At the Immunity Challenge it was a tight race between Charlie Brown, Toki, and Tucker but when Tucker suffered an injury Toki was able to overtake him and won her second straight Immunity.  With Toki having Immunity the alliance of Charlie Brown, Edward, and Mutsumi turned their target to Lucy however Charlie Brown believed something was wrong.  Edward tried to calm Charlie Brown and actually turned down h
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SFC10 Edgic by author999 SFC10 Edgic :iconauthor999:author999 4 22
SG Ponderosa Ep 3
Ponderosa Episode 3
"Tenth person voted out of Survivor Greece and third member of our jury," said Tracey reading the last vote.
We see Edward walking down a dirt path.
Edward:  I feel so stupid right now…I had an Idol in my back pocket and was even offered to use it but I didn't…and it cost me big time.
Edward walked into Ponderosa and was greeted by Gene and Bart.
"What the hell happened?" asked Gene.
"Lucy's what happened," said Edward simply. "I knew I couldn't trust her…in all honesty we should have voted her out instead of you Bart."
"Thank you," said Bart sarcastically. "I still can't believe Charlie Brown is still in the game over you."
"Are you still on this?" asked an annoyed Edward.
"Come on," said Bart. "We all deserve to still be in the game over Charlie Brown!"
"Says the boy who let a bunch of chickens loose because of a petty feud," said Edward.
"I'm going to get a beer," said Gene walking off.
Gene:  Here I thou
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Comic's TDINTM C1 - WINNER by comicstrip2000 Comic's TDINTM C1 - WINNER :iconcomicstrip2000:comicstrip2000 27 34 Pokehouse Chart by bad-asp Pokehouse Chart :iconbad-asp:bad-asp 2 1 All-Star War chart by bad-asp All-Star War chart :iconbad-asp:bad-asp 4 0 Ghost Town chart by bad-asp Ghost Town chart :iconbad-asp:bad-asp 5 4 Monkey Mayhem 1 chart by bad-asp Monkey Mayhem 1 chart :iconbad-asp:bad-asp 5 2 Sanders and MacArthur Sprites by Vilecheese2 Sanders and MacArthur Sprites :iconvilecheese2:Vilecheese2 10 6 The Mole Mini DVD Cover by shadow0knight The Mole Mini DVD Cover :iconshadow0knight:shadow0knight 4 6 Monkey Mayhem 1: Playstation Palooza Edgic by DrMonkeyman Monkey Mayhem 1: Playstation Palooza Edgic :icondrmonkeyman:DrMonkeyman 5 6 Hey Arnold War Progress Chart by bad-asp Hey Arnold War Progress Chart :iconbad-asp:bad-asp 5 0 Hoenn Starters by Yoggington Hoenn Starters :iconyoggington:Yoggington 5 2 Simpsorg Mini chart by bad-asp Simpsorg Mini chart :iconbad-asp:bad-asp 6 0 Trapinch For Life by Yoggington Trapinch For Life :iconyoggington:Yoggington 6 11 Survivor Enchanted Forest DVD Cover by shadow0knight Survivor Enchanted Forest DVD Cover :iconshadow0knight:shadow0knight 5 6 Survivor Music War DVD Cover by shadow0knight Survivor Music War DVD Cover :iconshadow0knight:shadow0knight 4 3 Survivor Anime Wars DVD Cover by shadow0knight Survivor Anime Wars DVD Cover :iconshadow0knight:shadow0knight 4 21 Helga Pataki - Roy Lichtenstein by FroggyMudd Helga Pataki - Roy Lichtenstein :iconfroggymudd:FroggyMudd 8 3




Avatar changer!
United States…

It is that time once again ladies and gents!  Time to start shilling out a chance to play in one of my games!  I have a feeling that this is going to be one of the best games yet. <3…

As always for the past installments of War Games, this game will be [b]Non-Live[/b], and we will be returning to our roots and returning back to solely [b]Survivor Format[/b].  There will of course be a few twists along the way, I don't want to reveal too much just yet but let's talk about the elephant in the room here, Dinosaurs.…
This game will be...Humans vs. Dinosaurs!…

If you are interested in playing please send me a list of 5 Humans from the entirety of the Jurassic Park series, so any human Character from Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park 2, Jurassic Park 3, and Jurassic World.  Along with that list send me 5 Dinosaurs that you most want to play as, these Dinosaurs MUST have some kind of representation in the Jurassic Park franchise, there are plenty to choose from.  Obviously if I keep getting the same five dinos I'll start assigning shit to people to make sure we have an even distribution.  Also feel free to send in shit like any of the Pteranodons or the Mosasaurus, I don't care if they technically aren't dinosaurs.…

Get excited, get hyped, and send in your applications today!…



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